Weird Bug Time…Again

Early yesterday, while on my way to my volunteer gig, I came across what [at first] looked like a half turned leaf just sitting there on the walkway at Old Court Metro Station. Still, something in my mind didn’t register it as ‘regular leaf’, so I decided to investigate.

On closer inspection, I found that my ‘leaf’ was in actuality a honking big moth. I mean big as in at least ten centimeters at the wings. It was mostly yellow with some brown spots and a few flecks of green. Being late for my gig, I left it there and seriously hoped no one would step on it either accidentally or on purpose. Judging from what I’d seen before I surmised that the poor thing had gotten trapped in the tunnel and couldn’t get out. It was, by that point, extremely thirsty and too weak to fly up to the opening in the tunnel covering to get out.

I did my gig [fun times] and came back up to Old Court and, upon seeing the spot, hoped against hope that it would still be alive. Yep, it was. Not wanting to damage its wings, I dug in my bag and pulled out two bus schedules and scooped it up between them. Being of the short variety, I had to walk it closer to the Station doors to ease it over the edge of the opening, since I couldn’t pick my bag up to take it out at the exit. At first, it didn’t move but, once it realized it was free, it flew off and I hope it’s doing well even up to right now.

Which, of course, leaves me with a bit of a dilemma. I am now intensely curious about this thing. I’ve never seen anything like it before in the whole of my life. Old Court tends to have a lot of things like that. Deer, Woodpeckers, Martins, and the like but I can honestly say I’ve never seen a Moth almost as wide as my hand is long.

So, now I am searching. I’ve got the body type narrowed down to one family in particular but that’s by no means exclusive.

I’ve got to get a camera phone. Of course, the moment I do, I’m guessing absolutely none of these things will show up in my life.


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