Frankenstein No More I Hope

I may well be getting rid of my long time enemy Frankenstein AKA Frankenfoot – The Pain. That painful tendon injury that seemed not to want to go away is seemingly more in love with my worn down leather boots when compared with my bouncy springy now trash toss’d black Street Smarts boots from Payless.

As a result, the pain has lessened. If I push my foot too far in one day, I pay for it with a few hours pain the next morning but other than that, I think its getting better. I hope it’s getting better. I would really like to get back to donating blood myself and if this injury doesn’t heal by Hallowe’en 2010, I will cry.

Though, in reality, I have Frankenstein to thank for getting me back into volunteering seriously, so I shouldn’t complain. I felt so utterly useless in not being able to donate blood product via apheresis, that I went ahead and reapplied for my old volunteer posts to not only help out but to fill to void left from not being able to give. It’s not only helped but, so far, I’ve had the best summer of my life helping out with different gigs and have learned things I never would have read about in a million years through ‘The Human Experience’.

Those years of isolation during my childhood have really made me appreciate everything. A person I no longer like or talk with said, when remarking on my lack of childhood experiences, said [not viciously] that it seemed as though I’d spent my life in an ivory tower. If he was ever right about anything, he was right about that. I’m only now cutting through a lot of the fumbling inexperience most people are completely over with by the time they’re half my age. Metaphorically, my voice is beginning to crack but still, it’s fun.

So to Franks, I give my salutations. I may well get my hands on some good strong celebratory Ginger Beer if he disappears completely before the end of this year.


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