First Class Felting – Success

It was an absolutely awesome class yesterday at the Woman’s Industrial Exchange. Despite having, like, no experience with felting and very little with hand sewing, I managed not to look like a complete idiot. I even made a cute little pin cushion out of a soda bottle cap and some felt and batting.

Most others went crazy with the colors but me, being uniform [oddly] chose fatigue green with a little decorative red puff ball on top. It looks like a little military inspired cupcake or something. I then took the cue from the woman sitting next to me and hand embroidered my initials into the side. Yep, I so rock. LOL

Slowly but surely, I’m learning the crafting skills. Even while there people were talking about the items up for sale as we waved at the tourists passing by on the ‘Ride the Duck’ aqua vehicle. Quite a few things in there go for a low enough price that even I feel comfortable charging. I’m just hoping I can push a few items in the store which will sustain me.

I gave this Saturday class a ‘fleshing out’ phase to see if I’d like it and, on finding I do, I’ll be down there for the First Thursdays events now as well. That place is great.

Now, to go downstairs to knit and watch the rest of Numb3rs.


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