Good Friggin’ Grief…

Things lately are just so feh. Feh fits for the general feeling. There is no other word. No synonym of any other word even remotely fits.


We’re talking bored/weird feelings of the sort where, if some strange science fiction-esque event were to happen right now, I think it would be more interesting than what’s been happening lately. Except for what happened in Torchwood – Children of Earth. No spoilers here…just. Man.

Proof of my desperation can be found on top of my head. I actually did it. I’ve got twists in my hair and I’m more than three quarters of the way done. Any notion of me making even a remote effort at styling my hair is proof of the coming Apocalypso and the Ragnarock and Roll. [Inside joke]

Now to go and finish this hair. Then some yummy fun charity knitting. In for a penny…


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