Long Overdue Updates

Owing to my recent [somewhat] process of working through my medication issues, I’ve been neglecting this blog. As it turned out, the medication I’d been taken had indeed been contributing to my weight gain and, since dropping 500mg of it, I’ve been more stable in my weight. Instead of 25+ lbs shifts in weight, I’ve only had 10 – 15lbs shifts, which is nice for both my body and lungs.

Between the time of my last entry here and the present, I honestly haven’t been keeping up with the weekly measurements beyond checking my weight to ensure that the edema wasn’t coming back to badly, so that’s effectively going to be restarted from scratch on the Saturday Stats Twitter [visible in sidebar]. While I’m not sure of my size, I am sure of one thing, I have lost inches. I’m back in the pants I haven’t been able to fit for more than a year.

With regard to tracking my meals, the story has been much the same. In truth, we haven’t been getting enough food to eat lately and I’ve gone anywhere from a few days to a few weeks without eating properly over the past Summer so the Maternal Parental could eat. Seemed a moot point to track my drinking big glasses of water and tightening up my belt around my waist to fool my stomach into thinking its full. Food tracking via the TEP Tracker [sidebar again] will also restart, though I can hardly promise catfish and caviar every day.

One good thing to come out of this Summer is my adoption of the ‘Do at least 21 sit ups’ goal on 43things. I’m now up to fifty. Yep, I can do fifty at a time in sets of ten without crying or…dying. I have aspirations to do more than just the basic routine I currently do but, for right now, I’m going to keep focusing on what I do now until I’ve had a proper read through my Fitness books and/or a meeting with others of a like mind.

I had been listening to the Clear Channel Clone 105.7 for a while for their 1980’s weekend but soon got fed up with their repeating of songs and lack of imagination. I flipped a few on the dial and thought I found a good ‘Alternative’ station to do my workouts to but, alas, ’tis but another Clear Channel Clone with a similarity in playing habits. In the interim, I’ve taken to listening to Idir and stuff I check out of the Library, as well as my own personal collection. Idir works good for a workout regimen. Fox Elipsus does too. In truth, I may just take to listening to my own LastFM account…

One thing that will change is the posting of the Stats and Health Updates in the main body of the blog. They’re staying on Twitter from here on out. Instead, I’m going to write more about my fitness experiences and such on this blog. Pretty dry and boring, but it will be mine. Yay.


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