Makes Me Want To Take Up Running

Though, in my case, it’s more likely to resemble the earlier scenes from Run Fatboy, Run. Minus the cigarettes and drinking, of course.

It’s those characteristics that Semenya’s competitors see in the world champ, leading them to predict — and hope — that her forthcoming gender results will leave her ineligible to compete with women. “Just look at her,” barked Mariya Savinova, the fifth-place finisher from Russia, following Wednesday’s race. Italian Elisa Piccione, who finished sixth, was equally severe: “These kinds of people should not run with us. For me, she’s not a woman. She’s a man.” She also outran them both — and not even a gender test can change that. [More]

I suppose runners two, three, and four were men as well. I wonder if Elisa Piccione considers Mariya Savinova a man because she was ahead of her in the race…

I could see complaints if they had fininished at two, three, or even four but its not like they finished anywhere near the beginning. Quit whining about the fact that Caster Semenya definitely beat you of all people fairly and cleanly. So did three other people.


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