Sixty Down

I finally passed the threshold of fifty situps and even managed to make it to sixty. I feel proud.

I think I’ll stay at this number for a while and then try moving up to seventy once I’m a little too comfortable.

As for my weight, it’s still pretty much in the less than 230lbs area. It might be less than that but I can’t be sure without a more accurate scale. I have a cheap analogue Tanita which tells me 228lbs. Yet, I could go to the doctors office tomorrow and it might be less, or even more. Who can really say…

I’ve been toying with the idea of training for a marathon. If I did do it, my goal would be something by this time next year. I’m not ridiculous enough to believe that I could get fit enough for the challenge in any less time than that.

The question is, can I really get myself ready in time for whatever race I ultimately decide to do. I don’t have a trainer and only books and websites to guide me, aside from a doctor. I’m going to use my passport to knowledge very much over the next few days at the Library.

Just studying the possibility is better than the alternative of sitting here doing nothing.


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