New FTC Rules – My Statement

I read on about some recent FTC rules concerning bloggers and microbloggers. As if anyone would believe I made actual money off of this stuff. If you want to hire me for my writings, I’m shocked. Truly.

Pay me in Gelt. The good chocolate kind too, not the sickly sweet bubblegum crap that loses flavor five seconds after it hits your tongue.

For the record, I make no money off of any of my blogs. Tried, failed very dismally, and moved on with one. The Art of Lunar Bipolarity now displays my artworks as created but has nothing to do with any selling I do…as stated on that particular blog.

If you even dream that my lunatic ravings are making me money for this one, you need a seat next to mine in bedlam. *snorfle*

The Fitness of KaliTime is another blog that doesn’t make me any money. Just to be on the safe side, I’ll no longer post about any studies I hear about on there if even the remote possibility of me being hit with a fine should come up. Sorry world. In this struggling economy of all places…geeze.

On the wide variety of sites that I am displayed in whatever form, I am making no money unless specifically stated sales sites like Craigslist or others. Considering sales lately, I would say that I’ve given up on this one too Ha ha.

If I were, believe me, I would not be living here. If I made a dollar for every letter in all my convoluted writings over the years, I’d have my own house, a Honda Element, Cycles Maximus, and big huge garden. No, I get nothing from either company. I can’t even drive or ride a bicycle yet.

Any work I do, studies I do and post about, etc are self explanatory and [I hope] are clarified enough that even I can understand them. If there were money to be made by them, believe me, I was clear enough about it and I certainly didn’t get compensation for my posting about it. Who in the hell would want my ravings as a review…

I Yelp mainly about places I like/dislike and, again, no financial compensation to be had.

If I review an artist, it is because I like/dislike the work of said artist. The most I’ve gotten out of that has been hugs. You can’t very well anti-hug me of that persons or persons physical display of appreciation, can you…



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