Second Class Crochet – Success

Sort of…

I finally got the basic mechanics of Crochet down to the point where I was able to take it off of my 43things list but…still, I am messing up in places. At least now, I know what in the heck I’m looking at in the diagrams thanks to the wonderful woman who taught us all on this Saturday last at the Woman’s Industrial Exchange. I can’t wait for the next class…

So far, I’ve got a very nice acrylic scrap and a very nice cotton…scrap. I’m working with my practice yarn on another very nice acrylic…scrap. The only thing getting me is the turning. To aid in my re-learning of this, I just put twenty five books on hold at the Library. Yay.

Yes, I really do read this much. No, I really don’t have much of a social life.

Just to be snippy. In the interest of public disclosure per FTC regulations, I made no money from this free class. All I came away from the class with was my newly acquired Crochet knowledge, my acrylic scrap and my cotton scrap. Neither of which is big enough to make a pastie on an A cup boob let alone charge a fine.


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