Gee, Let's All Starve Ourselves

Please buy sarcasm detectors if you didn’t note my intention in the above title.

The comments some people make in response to this article. Sadly, they also make them in the meatspace as well.

I’ve also had a moronic pinhead for a primary care physician who thought more of making snide comments about my weight than actually paying attention to what was going on with my health. At one point, it took a Resident who’d only met me for the first time that day to diagnose me with what had been an ignored eight month long ordeal with an ever worsening case of Walking Pneumonia.

I still don’t remember very much of the Summer of 1997. My doctor now is awesome though.

Anyway, back to the article. People like that have pretty much defined who I’m going to hang out with when, as a result of all the exercise, I get thinner. Any and all people who respect me as a human being now will have my attention then. To borrow the terminology, the haters who give grief now will be grieving when I’m 100lbs lighter.

No banging on my door. Don’t want to hear it.


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