Avoiding Employment

Ok, this is just plain stupid.

If someone is desperate for a job, why would they turn down a perfectly good advertisement…

I know someone who claims to be desperate to find work but, despite repeated advertisements for jobs at the Jo-Anns up in Owings Mills, this person will not even apply for the job. It’s the very job they want but they’re not touching it. Instead, they’d rather travel thirty plus miles out of their way to work on the other side of the county at a place they know damn well they won’t be able to get to at the best of times. Forget about bad weather and traffic jams.

Me thinks someone doesn’t really want a job.

I actually kept this information from someone openly looking for work in the street Halloween night because I was hoping that this person would see reason and take this opportunity while its in their face.

See if I do this next time. I should have given that lady I saw the information instead. At least she was keen.


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