Stressful Insurance Crap

I just found out that the majority of my required medical labs aren’t covered by my insurance handler. Now consider, I asked them in advance of even signing up for them whether or not they covered these specific medical procedures. At the time, they were all “Sure, yeah we do!” but now they’re having disconnects, fuzzy maths, and anything else to confuse the issue.

I take medications that REQUIRE me to have regular labwork done to check my levels and liver function. Why in the hell would I sign up with an insurance carrier that would rip me off to the tune of thousands of dollars given that I asked them IN ADVANCE whether or not they covered these basic procedures?

At this point, it would be cheaper for me to forget about insurance at all, sign up for fee scale, and pay out of pocket.

What’s the point in having insurance if its going to cost more than not having insurance? I think when the time for my renewal comes up, I’m going to make it a priority to switch to another carrier.


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