Perfect Day

I love my allergies. Everyone thinks I have H1N1 and so they all avoid me due to the sneezing. Definite positive. This gives me time to catch up on all my studies and guilty pleasures like Jeremy Brett Sherlock Holmes episodes. The reality of the situation is that Team Allergy rolled through here to cut the grass (what grass?) on Monday and, even now, surfaces are covered with the blown around mold and other particles.

Keeping in mind that today is a cool, rainy, somewhat dark day. Bonus. It’s washing Team Allergy’s work away for the most part and keeping it deliciously cool, yet not so cold as to be uncomfortable.

I set boundaries with the Maternal Parental and she doesn’t know which way to turn. The more I reach out for something other than this co-dependent chaos, the more I can feel the cigarette stained claws digging into me trying to drag me back. Not happening though. I just hit all my volunteer stuff, prospective volunteer stuff, and am about to hit Meetup to look for even more things to go to that are away from it.

I’m getting pressures even now to have children. I, a single, seriously mentally ill person, barely able to support myself, and I’m supposed to start shooting out kids…by what means? Even if I wanted kids, with whom am I going to have them? Unless they’ve perfected cloning and/or parthenogenesis without my knowledge, having a kid would require at least one partner with the designation of “biologically Male”.

The more the pressure gets laid on, the more I have blissful dreams of my own place. Little to no furniture and only my few supplies for sewing, knitting, crocheting, etc. along with my other living basics.

Come to think on it, that reminds me of another place I could call about a volunteer (or hopefully paid!) position.

Speaking of money… $7,000.00USD to be part of a weight management study and damn it if I don’t qualify. Not only am I currently too medicated but I’m just above the threshold of their “heavy” requirement for BMI.

Now to get back to reading this book called “Faster, Better, Stronger” by Eric Heiden, Massimo Testa, and Deanne Musolf. I’m hoping to pick up some pointers on fitness from its pages.


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