Civic Sleep Management

It’s interesting how post Jury Duty has caused me to sleep more than hours of exercise, therapy and medications combined.

I had Jury Duty yesterday and, despite only sleeping a total of fifteen minutes in the waiting room, I came home and initially slept four straight hours from 8:00pm – Midnight (which is a lot for me at one time). On getting up, I was up another three hours until I eventually got sleepy again and slept from 4:00am until 1:00pm. That’s the most sleep I’ve gotten in a while without heavy medication. Perhaps Jury Duty could be used as a prescription for people with insomnia?

Ironically, I wasn’t bored with the Jury Duty itself. Nor the trip to or from Towson or any other aspect of it. It could be that it was something so outside of my normal behavior that it mentally exhausted me because I had to process it via dreaming which required the much elusive sleep. It’s something worth looking into.

The only problem which this particular schedule was that it ate half my day away when I was meant to be training beginning before 7:00am. Eeeeek!

I’m going to get something in via a workout before my next scheduled feeding. I’m still floored I slept so much.


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