Late Baking and Life Inventory Taking

It still feels so weird doing these posts on the laptop.

I’m currently downstairs, waiting for the Maternal Parental to come downstairs to help with dinner. At her request, she wanted freshly baked bread and, given how prone I am to be absent minded, I asked only that she Beta me in baking it in the hopes of not burning it beyond all recognition as an edible product.

I’m so tired and drained lately, I genuinely need the backup. None to be found though. As normal.

I’m seriously considering a culinary arts class I read about to not only have a Beta until I’m more stable but to also learn more and hopefully get to the point where I can get a job doing this. Oh, poor Baltimore stomachs! :p

Seriously, it is a consideration floating in my mind. I just have to figure out how to fit it into my schedule. I’ve got so many other things between the volunteer work, the work, the classes, the groups and (as soon as I get the schedule) the support groups. That’s on top of all of the bad things that have been occurring lately with me via the flashbacks and mood swings. Eeek.

Focusing on the positive though. I am going to try exorcising some of the bad via writing. Maybe a creative spark inspired by some of this might help improve my writing skills and, hopefully, even sell. Goodness knows, I need the money and its a much more stable way for me to support myself considering my condition.

That’s enough with the writing. It’s time to be the Little Red Hen…again.


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