Steady Proteins and Lots of Raw Veggies Yum!

I look in the mirror and I’m losing, at least size wise.

The scale reads pretty much the same but I do notice my ability to do more and lift heavier things increasing. On top of that, it looks like the edema is stabilizing. It’s still there but not as whacked out as its been in the past.

I talked with one of my doctors who suggested my body might be holding onto as much fat as possible due to my notoriously low caloric intake. She suggested that my body is pretty much in starvation mode so that, when I do eat something, rather than burn it away, my body stores as much as it can. She suggested a book and specific way of eating which will hopefully trick my body into believing its not under threat of catastrophic starvation.

I’ve been cooped up in this house since the storm. Now that the streets are clearing again, I can go do my outdoor stuff more. 🙂


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