Hair Raising Decision

I’m trying to figure out what do with my hair but I’m stuck. I can do pretty good two strand twists and…somewhat passable cornrows but, other than that, eeeeeeeeeek. I’m at a loss.

I sent out a thing to all my Facebook friends, asking for ideas but I’d also like to ask here (so I can ask on Twitter to the two of you who actually follow me) to see if there are any other styles out there I could do without chemically processing my hair or paying money to have it done. It’s also going to be done with my own hair, so no fake hair suggestions.

So far, the very short list is Two Strand Twists and Cornrows.

Combed out, my hair reaches just to my shoulder with some strands being a bit longer. It’s pretty thick and I usually style while its wet (fun for electronic devices muahahahahaha), so the clock is ticking unless I hop back into the shower once the final decision is made. I like showers though, so this isn’t really an issue. :p


2 thoughts on “Hair Raising Decision

  1. Oh, my hair sounds like your hair! I had mine in two strand twists(self-done) for a while with extensions while I was waiting for it to grow out. I finally undid my hair last week to discover that it stretches down to my shoulders at the longest. I’m trying to discover new styles, too. So far I’ve been wearing mine in a pony tail puff but I’m plotting experimentation this weekend. I’ll let you know if I come up with anything fun. 🙂

    -Random and Occasional Blog Loiterer and Scarf Knitter


    • Thanks for your comments. 🙂

      So far, I’m still being lazy about my hair. I had it almost half done but got sick. I am going to make another go of it after I get back from a gig this weekend.


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