Epic Fail

Despite the enormity of this recent tragedy, I was hoping to avoid what I knew would be coming down the line. It seems as though, at every great disaster, some pompous twit manages to open their mouth and unleases a torrent of verbal diarrhea and usually before the wounds have even had a chance to scab over.

This time is no different and, so far, its the same collective of the usual suspects. Pat Robertson et al opened their mouths and saw fit to offer their unwanted fertilizer.

You know, ten years ago, I might have ranted and raged with the best of them about how stupid this whole deal was but I’m older and, quite frankly, alleviating the suffering of so many people matters more to me than intellectual grandstanding in the face of such obvious insensitivity to such a crisis.

To hell with the Pat Robertsons of this world.


2 thoughts on “Epic Fail

  1. Absolutely true. It is so frustrating that such ignorant and hateful people are given any attention at all.

    Turning away from the hate and reaching out to help is much more important. Wish I could do more than just contribute the pitiful amount of cash I have to spare. Can’t give blood because I am Hep B positive, or I would do that. 😦


    • I can donate but, as with 9/11, I’m wondering if it mightn’t be better to wait and see. The people need supplies now more than blood. Food, clothing, shelter, medicine, and other such things. Babies need formula and things like that.


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