Bikini Weather

Wild, I just found out that Dollar Tree is carrying yarn in some places. This would save me a tremendous about of money (I don’t have) in buying supplies if it really is as good as the other stuff and the price is right. I was going to trawl local thrift shops for my own personal stash while getting newer yarn to work with from the local charity for the stuff I did with them.

Aside from this, does it really need saying? Snowpocalypse!!!!! Snowmaggedon!!!!!!! It’s Snowball Earth: Baltimore Style!!!

I’ve been trapped in this house almost consistently since last Friday. The Maternal Parental and I had to sojourn out for comestibles on Tuesday before this second wave hit and where we live was as hard going as hell. I have items on hold at the library but no way to get them, which is going to cost me. We’re running low on food again and I’m pretty reticent to spend what little I have at the closest place. If I could go to Shoppers or Aldi, I would and I know for sure that I’d save a bundle.

I just want some proper food and not candy. 😦

Nothing to be done though. Buses are right out of the picture due to the road conditions.

Ah well, I guess now would be a good time to do my hair. I’m going for twists or cornrows again since a position will be coming up soon where they’ll be more practical than trying to get my hair into bands so early in the morning. Not to mention it saving time for me. I can just get up, hop in the shower, and be on my way once I’m dressed.

Now to it.


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