Quilt 2010 and Other Items

As a non-binding side project for this year, I’m hoping to make a quilt. It’s pretty much going to be utility items going towards it as I only have a few sheets, yards of fabric, and balls of yarn.

My idea is simple. One side of the Quilt will be comprised of knitted and crocheted panels while the other will be fabric. The sheet itself will be like the filling and will, hopefully, make the intended quilt warm.

With this method, I’m hoping to use all my fiberarts tools for a change rather than sticking with one or two to the exclusion of the others. Knitting, Crocheting and Sewing (machine and hand) will be used in this. Now I’ve just got to design it.

I’ve got a couple of sheets I could use that aren’t being used for anything else. I could also go to the local Ollies or thrift store and buy some on the cheap if I find some imperfections in what I have now.

For right now though, I’m taking a break from knitting hats for charity and making a pair of socks for myself. It’s rather chilly in here and, while they’re not all fancy and done in the round, they’re definitely going to fit over my ginormous feet this time.

Oh yeah, I made my first crocheted jewelry. It’s not fully finished but it will be a necklace. I just have to find some ribbon in my sewing bag to stitch to it or something. I was going to make a crocheted band for it but lost all patience with the smaller hooks and delicate threads.

That’s about it really.


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