Oh Dear…

I had just switched the number registered with the power company back to the landline when the wind picked up to insane levels. Now, it’s back to my mobile until the wind dies down for sure. This is something I recommend everyone with a cellphone does if you can. That way, if the power should go out, you’d still be able to call (in my case BGEs) the automated number to let them know that the power is out at your place.

We’re also getting some snow here west of Baltimore. Insane.

I say this because the snow coming down now looks exactly like the snow that first came down with the last two blizzard events. Lightning couldn’t possibly strike (me) three times in the same spot like this. I have an appointment to get to (again) that I can’t possibly miss. I’ve also got a class to drop in on tonight to see if I like and it’s starting to snow pretty heavily.

I want advanced warning this time. Pleaaaaaaase give me some advanced warning. No 5am “Oh by the way everything is shut.” stuff like last time.


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