A Few Side Projects

In addition to making the 43things Charity Hats, I’ve been taking breaks in between each one to make something for friends of mine (or myself) to push myself skill wise. Right now, I’ve got four items going to the lovely people at my doctors office, one going to a guy I chat with on a website, a plethora going to a long time friend (finally) and many many more.

Another item I’ve worked on is jewelry. After watching an episode of Knit and Crochet Today (season 2), I took a fancy to the idea of making jewelry but was at a loss for inspiration until I saw a few Jane Austen inspired mini-series on PBS featuring some of the fabric jewelry they wore back then. Between that and the period Telenovelas like Pasion, I figured I’d try for a necklace and set about it with my tiny crochet hook and some soft thread I was afraid of knitting with.

I personally think it came out pretty nice and when I showed it to other people, they liked it as well once I explained what it was.

So today, I am back to knitting hats. I’m going to finish up a hat I have on the needles and start a new one. This new one is unique in its the first that I’m fully following the pattern for it. It’s based on a hat women used to make for the American Red Cross to send to soldiers during WWII. Very vintage and very practical.


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