Food and Activity Journal

I’ve restarted both my Food and Activity journals as a hard copy. So far, I’ve had 1,212 calories today and, it’s not good for me to be eating so little. Once you factor in that 930 of those calories were from servings of junk food, my eating is crap. Take away the potato chips, chocolate covered pretzels, and nacho chips I had and I’m left with a banana, and four oranges as my entire days eating.

I need to get more foods in this house. Not just 100 calorie snack bags of stuff and not just munching from what others offer me semi-mindlessly. I think I’m going to go to the market tomorrow. Aldi at that. Some of their stuff may be prepackaged but it at least gives me a good idea of serving portions and caloric counting.

As to activity, obviously, not much got done today. I am going to do thirty sit ups in a few minutes but I was really dragging for most of the day.


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