The Plot Thickens


A plot of my own in addition to working in the Class garden. I’m too happy for words. I think I’ll take a 4×4 plot for myself. In truth, I don’t need much space as I only have two types of tomatoes (Roma and cherry), one of peppers, radishes, nasturtiums and sunflowers that I want to grow this year.

I figure that out to be five plants of each to fill the row of everything except the sunflowers, radishes, and nasturtiums. Radishes can go in before the main plants have hardened off and I’ll have a crop (hopefully) within a months time. They’ll also (hopefully) distract any furry little friends from eating the stems of the tomatoes and peppers.

Maybe the Sunflowers could go in as a sort of back border?

Now all I have to do is get the home container garden going. I need to:

  1. Wash the one container I have.
  2. Wait for the roots and shoots to sprout on this sweet potato.
  3. Get the moss and rooting hormone to air layer this rubber tree.
  4. Buy/acquire more soil and containers for the rubber tree as well as the division of the False Sea Onion.
  5. Bake the soil the rubber tree is in once that’s finished rooting.
  6. Use the container for a second larger vegetables and whatever I can grow in there garden.

I could also just give pieces of the FSO away. That thing grows like crazy and with very little care. I’ll take some with me next weekend and see if anyone wants any. Goodness knows, I have enough of them to go around. Plus, it will save me some money in the process.

I guess I could show up early at the Community garden with my tape measure and something to mark out the space I choose. I don’t want to step on any toes but nor do I want to be stuck in shade, garbage lines, or footpaths. I may take my compass as well to get a good reckoning of which way the sun is going to be hitting my plot since there’s a big tree right there on site.

Ah well. I’ll leave that for later. Now, I’ve got to get ready for tonight’s class.


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