One Month of Fitness

One Month of No Meat

It began on the 1st of April but, for some reason, I didn’t chronicle it. I’m actually hoping for this to lead even further into veg*nism once the month is up. Given my resources at present, it’s a serious possibility. I’ve got a patch that, if taken care of and left alone by vermin, will have food growing out of it. I’ve got my own back patio and my front window for a smallish variety of foods that will hopefully grow.

Key word: Hopefully.

I like eating veg*n and I’m really hoping that the things in my gardens grow to the point where I can put some aside for Winter.

Edema Drama

I’m honestly sick of dealing with it but there’s no helping it. If I want to remain relatively stable and migraine free, I have to take the medications. Even when they swell me up to the levels they have done. This last little break proved that much. Not only was I destabilized but I was also super migraine affected. It’s something I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy.

Still the exercising I’ve done does at least give me the ability to keep moving without resting. Between the weights and all the other stuff I’ve been doing, it’s given me excess strength as well.

Now if I could just find the right combination to actually lose the weight instead of maintain it. Grrr.

I was watching Dr. Oz regarding this subject a few weeks ago. They had a mother and daughter on there who were clearly starting to adopt unhealthy eating habits. I don’t want to do that but, short of extreme caloric limitations, I can’t figure out what will enable me to defeat the edema without diuretics.


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