Upside Down Planter

This is very nice…

A different take on the upside down planter.

In fact, I think I prefer this to what I’ve seen advertised. I especially like the ability to utilize what would otherwise have been wasted space in the top part of the planter.

Seeing all of this reminded me of a sample basket I saw in a book called Hanging Baskets, Window Boxes, and Other Container Gardens: A Guide to Creative Small-Scale Gardening by David Joyce I read when I was a kid. Though, in the case of the book example on page 36, it’s made with burlap and a wire basket. I’m not sure how much water something like that would require to remain sustainable.

I may try this if I can get four sturdy poles to hang the pots on. They could go in the plot as back up plantings to what’s going in the ground.


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