Ancient Seeds

I’ve got heirloom seeds in the literal sense. Some Seeds of Change seeds I cultivated in 2002 are now planted and awaiting my orders to sprout forth and produce a whole new crop of Cinnamon Basil.

You know, that plant was so creepy back then, I think it could probably pull off germinating and flourishing despite all this time. It’s been two moves between three households, a variety of temperatures, and complete neglect but I have faith that they’ll sprout.

…probably into a mutant carnivorous plant hell bent on revenge against me but still…

Kidding…just kidding.

Other than that, as luck would have it, I found another Date Palm seed in my bag of Dates from Aldi. I’m so going to try growing it. This particular cultivar is from Pakistan, so it’s likely to be more used to cool dry temperatures than the Medjool my ex-boyfriend gave me years ago. They’re not as naturally sweet, but still, a Date’s a Date and delicious.

The nicest part in all of this is that I’m using the plastic tupperware-esque bins Aldi’s deli selections come in to grow this stuff. I saved a few of them for keeping snacks or something in and figured I’d just use them for pots. While they’re waiting to sprout, I’m going to super saturate the soil with the magical substance known as ice to keep the seeds from floating away. Once they’re properly watered, I’m going to keep the top on until they’re well on their way root wise. Then I can give them a bit of water as they grow in the same style as the noodle bowl peppers.

If they sprout, I’m going to transplant them out though. Something must go on The Rolling Stand and, after reading through my library book, I’ve gotten an inkling of what to do to make something very similar to an Earthbox without the excess price.


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