Yippee to Basil!

The Cinnamon Basil seeds from 2002 are beginning to grow. Success!!!

I was told that they’d probably not grow given their age but they’re doing it, for sure. One by one, they’re poking just above the surface of the soil like they were waiting for this year in particular to grow. I need to get more potting soil for them as just one of the long box containers I got to grow things in took up an entire bag and then some of soil. Way to grow Seeds of Change seeds!!!

The Radishes in the container I planted are beginning to shoot up as well. No sign of the tomatoes I planted in the same container but I would like to start on the lettuce as soon as I get soil for the other containers. The deep round one can hold the Sweet potatoes, basil, peppers and whatever else I can get in there. Beans maybe.

Twenty-Nine Down: Life in Perspective

I’ve been enjoying the birthday well wishings of friends and coming to terms with now being nearly thirty years old. My twenty-ninth birthday passed within the past two weeks and it was, for the most part, uneventful. I was happy about that considering past birthdays.

I’m looking forward to doing things at this age that I didn’t do at others. I think I’ll consider my gift from the multiverse to be the rearranging of my weekly schedule. It wasn’t by choice but it did open up some space for me to do things that might further the careers I’d like to adopt rather than have a responsibility that was draining me to the point where I couldn’t physically function. I’ll admit that I was initially sad about not living up to my twenty-four year old ideal but I got over it once I saw what I would be able to do with the rest of my week.

In place of the position, I’ve signed up for a Creative Writing workshop which I hope will give me some boost in writing my stories as well as getting me back into the habit of writing with proper punctuation the first time around outside of blogging. I feel like I’ve really let myself go in writing. I look at my old stuff and can hardly recognize it as my own. Feh.

Still, the class itself is on a Monday which leaves my Tuesday blissfully free. Finally, I won’t be completely exhausted and unable to make it to the lectures I’ve been invited to which count as exposure to Science or “Class 2”. I’ll be getting some computer training with the volunteer position I was switched to which counts as “Class 3” and finally, another workshop on Fiberarts (Knitting and Crocheting) where I can improve my skills counts as “Class 4”. All for free and all at a more sane placement in my schedule. Yes!

Gardening Workshop – The Plot Will Be Planted

Today’s the day I work on my personal plot at the Community Garden with my gardening partner. I’ve got the seeds ready, my game face on, my back and feet (though pained) ready to take whatever I’ve got to do and even some extra seeds for beautification. I’ve got Moonflower and Tithonia. They could add beauty to the garden both in day and night since Moonflower blooms at night while Tithonia does for most of the day.

Sadly, there will be no bicycle lessons for today. I am too tired and in pain to lug The Beast around on various parts of Mass Transit and garden and then take the lessons. Now that I’m no longer doing Tuesdays volunteer shift, hopefully that will change. I’m just going to have to explain that situation to the lady who offered to teach me. 😦

Knitting Deficit

I will be bringing my knitting along with me though. Its high time I finished the Orange and Gray Pharma Hat. I could do that within the confines of this weekend and be started on the Sunshine Print and Bright Yellow Pharma Scarf before Monday rolls around.

Once that’s all done, I can get back to charity knitting and crocheting. Whew!


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