I’m sitting here hoping that three bags of soil will be enough for what I have to get done today.

A selection of tomato plant cuttings, a repotting of a ginger plant, a potting of enough sweet potato cuttings to grow an army of pie making material and the planting of salad green mix.

So far, I’ve already potted a plant and spare for a friend, planted the Date palm seed, planted (and watered) some Coleus seeds and watered a few other plants that needed it.

On top of this, I’ve got to figure out how to divide the False Sea Onion plant in such a way as to ensure its vitality for the next few years. If I manage to do this, it will leave me with a butt load of pieces I couldn’t even begin to house. Me thinks a lot of nearby people will be getting pieces off of this thing.

*passes out exhausted*

The positive side is that the tomatos are now definitively growing flowers. Those little buds can’t be anything else and the particular variety is a mystery so, if things turn out alright, I’ll be rolling in some tomatos of some kind within the next few weeks. That’s if it doesn’t mind growing in a soup container I got from a chinese delivery place…

Another pepper plant is also growing fruit now. One pepper is forming and it looks as though another flower on the plant is on its way to growing another. Got to love parthenocarpic fruit. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Fruition

  1. Hi! I was searching through the blogosphere, and saw that we have a lot in common! I’m also an atheist, poly, and have bipolar disorder. Pretty cool 🙂 Aside from the bipolar sucking part 😉


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