Unraveled Gifts

From now on, I will only make things for people I know and people who are open to receiving the items I spend my labor on.

A while ago, I made a scarf for someone but never got a reply as to where to send it. So, it’s going into my Amazing Technicolor Ball O’Yarn towards the making of what will probably be the ugliest afghan in history. It’s made from strand after strand and ball after ball of yarn from finished projects, scraps I somehow picked up over the years and other crafts I did when I was younger. I’m twenty-nine now, so this is going back to age seven. Eeek.

This is a learning curve and an opportunity. Ha ha. It’s also pretty hideous.

One thing I can promise though, it will be made. I’m leaning towards crocheting it mainly because I could really use the practice. I was thinking along the lines of one big Granny Square…*shakes head sadly at the image*


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