When I first grew the peppers, I was expecting most, if not all to die. So nine of them surprised me quite a bit by not only staying alive in a noodle bowl but especially when they all started producing flowers.

Even with this, I had my share of reservations about them doing much more than that. The majority of the flowers produced just fell off right after blooming, so I assumed that I would just have a group of long lived flowering, but not fruiting, peppers.

Imagine my surprise when the first fruit started developing. It was almost too much to hope that it would develop and I kept one skeptical grain of sand reserved. It was pretty much a case of high hopes and lowered expectations. Well, I was pleasantly surprised to see the pepper develop and grow until it began turning color. It got a lovely shade of red and ripened quite nicely.

Once I knew it had gone as far as it could go, I gently plucked it from its plant and chopped it up to add to my breakfast.

Despite rumors to the contrary, it wasn’t spicy. Ah well. It was sweet at least.


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