Terror in the Room

While reading this post, I got to thinking about my own little battlefield of mess and decided another clearout might be in order.

So far, I’ve organized the clothing, the knitting and crocheting stuff, and am soon to work on the sewing stuff. That’s going to be my biggest challenge out of the crafty things and, quite honestly, I’m tempted to leave it until last as I wouldn’t know the first thing about some of the things I might be throwing away. I can sew a bit but it’s not something I’m expert at. My machine is from the 50’s and the parts that go to it don’t all look like modern pieces. Still, I want to clear this stuff out.

Thankfully, I’m a minimalist to begin with, so the things that don’t belong do tend to stick out. It’s just the clearing them out that tends to be tedious. After seeing another post, I may consider Upcycling some of this stuff as well. Especially the clothing.

Ah well, back to it.


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