2 June 2010 – Tango Shoes and Shades

The most strange thing happened to me today. This morning, I went to pick up the Kimberly Mary Jane shoes I’m going to be using to learn to dance but that’s not the weird part. Now, normally, I wear a size 9.5W Mens shoe. This usually translates to an 11W in Womens but today was different.

For one pair of shoes, I somehow managed to slip down to a size 9.5W Womens. I wasn’t on anything. I’m not hallucinating and they still fit my feet once I got home. Actually, considering I am not a hell…er heel wearer by nature, they fit gorgeously. Excepting the odd feeling of walking around on the balls of my feet, I could hardly tell that I was wearing them. I also found out from the store clerk that I could bring my receipt in to any Payless and benefit from their ongoing BOGO sale by getting my second pair on any day before the 29th of June. I’m so going back…

Once I got my shoes, I decided on trying out the Dollar Tree to get a new pair of shades to replace the pair I have now. After eleven years of faithful service, they’re finally starting to turn my face green at the bridge of my nose. I’m still going to try to save them but, in the meantime, I needed something over my eyes.

Waiting for me were the perfect pair. One dollar down. While I was there, I managed to end up at the end of a reasonably long line in the same aisle as two economy bottles of shampoo and conditioner. I figured, ‘Why not?’ and went ahead and got those too. Two more dollars down. If they turn out to be good then I have a new shampoo and conditioner. If they turn out to be crap, I have a huge supply of cleaner. Either way, I win. Yay me.

So for less than $30.00USD, I’m fully supplied.

In addition to that, I finally have shoes that no one can bitch about that I’m also comfortable with. 🙂

This makes me happy. I shall now Crochet. 🙂


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