7 June 2010 – My Literacy

It’s half past two in the morning of the 8th, so this is probably pretty disjointed. Ironically…

I’ve been grateful for being literate since age eight.

It was then that I finally caught on about how to read and my ability to consume and produce literature excelled. Before that time, it was one massive hell of a struggle that I wouldn’t wish on anyone. Due to my verbal skills, it was believed that I was simply faking and/or being lazy about trying but, when tested, I was barely on grade level. That’s Second grade level.

To this day, I am grateful to PBS programs like Reading Rainbow for fostering not only literacy itself but the enthusiasm for reading that is usually missing from a classroom environment. I actually credit Reading Rainbow directly with easy book recommendations that enabled me to “catch up” and eventually succeed at reading where I had been dismally failing. I went from being barely at grade level in reading to being in the highest group over the course of my years in school.

Since that time, I’ve used my literacy for just about everything in my life. I learned nearly all the things I presently know thanks to some basic reading and writing ability. Whether its gardening, knitting, computers or any of the myriad things I’ve shown an interest in over the years, it was reading that got me there.

Whether you like me or not, please consider donating your time and/or money to a literacy charity. Personally, I couldn’t imagine my life without knowing how to read. Can you?


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