Ugly Fiberarts Object – Crocheted Blanket

UFO is coming along quite nicely. I started doing a Granny Square a few days ago and decided to just keep going. So far, it’s almost two feet by two feet with four colors crocheted in. Red Heart’s Bright yellow, Hunter Green, Black, and Sunshine Print. I am going to be adding so many more colors though. Basically, I’m trying to get rid of all those little balls of yarn that aren’t big enough to make any one thing by wrapping them all up into this one project.

It’s going to be so ugly but it’s mine, all mine, and I’m making it. I tested what I have so far for warmth and it’s very cozy.

In other stuff, I’m seriously considering consolidating The Art of Lunar Bipolarity into this blog. As much as I like having a seperate place to post just my crafty works, I don’t use it that often. It might be better, for my minimalistic tendencies and for both blogs, to bring them both together under one roof. If people get offended by me in some way, then its just going to be on them. Hopefully, I’ll feel inspired enough for both blogs but if not…

Anyway, back to crocheting.


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