UFO – Paused

I’ve run out of balls of yarn big enough to continue with the UFO for the present. I figured I’d post a few pictures while I work on other things until I have enough saved to get more yarn in the quantities I need. So with the power of thumb tacks, here goes.

So far, I don’t know if I’m going to keep with an alternating pattern or just start practicing with one color round after round.

I’ve also been working on a few items for a local charity. I just hope they’re up to the task. I did my best.

That’s four hats and one scarf so far. As soon as I finish making this pair of slippers for a friend of mine, I’m going to get started on another scarf to match the second Country Rose hat and then two white scarves for the white and white/gray hat.

My production rate would probably be much higher for charity if I’d stop promising to make something for everyone but I like doing this, especially for other people.

Then, there are my rudimentary experiments in Granny Squares that inspired the UFO.

The one barely showing is over stitched and the small one is missing one stitch. Most of the squares were inspired by the Granny Squares made on episode 203 of Knit and Crochet Today Now while UFO was inspired by a similar blanket seen on a video called Crochet From Start to Finish*ing with Bev Dillion.


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