The Yarn From Hell

On an H hook, this stuff is difficult but workable. It’s a completely different story on a G hook. This yarn has been splitting on me for almost every row since I started this one square days ago. It’s not me, it’s not the hook, it’s the yarn. At this rate, I’d rather sink my money into making a blanket of my own than do one more square in the correct gauge.

My hands are killing me from having to fiddle with wild loose strands as they become entangled with one another while I’m trying to do this Half double crochet stitch.

It’s not for lack of trying that this square is only half done. It’s solely the difficulty in working with this yarn.

As soon as this square is done, I’m switching back to the H hook. I’ll just have to make forty-six 7.5″x9″ squares for my first large completed crocheted project. They can do what they like with this single square.


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