Practice Socks

I can scarcely believe I’m doing it but, thanks to Knit and Crochet Today Now, I’m making a sock on double pointed needles.

So far, I’m still only doing the ribbing but once that’s complete, I’ll be into the body of the sock. I’m led to believe by the show that this is probably the easiest part since its just plain knitting in the round, albeit on four double pointed needles. The yarn I’m using is Red Heart and I believe the color is called Royalty. I’m practicing with worsted weight yarn because, not only is it cheaper but it’s also easier to see. I don’t want to make mistakes on my expensive Sock Ease yarn and won’t even consider touching it until I know what I’m doing via one of these methods.

I’m going to make two practice socks via this method before I try one of the circular needle methods. I figured it would be good to get some practice making them the old fashion way before I tried delving into something as complicated as making two socks on two circular needles.


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