Slipped Up Slippers

While taking a break from the frustration that is sock knitting, I decided on making a pair of crocheted slippers via a pattern I found on the inside of an old Phentex label.

The pattern said that the slippers are easy to make. So, of course, I’m having great difficulty figuring it all out. I highly doubt that there’s a website to reference as a search yielded up very little in the way of how to guides and, given the disco nature of the family’s clothing on the label, I’m even more in doubt that this company is still in business for me to write to.

I’m trying to think positively here. Maybe I’ll go back to watching videos on sock knitting.

Aside from this, I’ve centimetered along quite nicely on the Guppy slippers. Why I’m not focusing on this simple pattern is beyond me but my mind seems to want to do multiple things right now. It’s reading Goblet of Fire, contemplating watching Jeeves and Wooster, planning a knitted scarf and contemplating listening to Doctor Who while simultaneously crocheting blocks.

I need to focus on one thing. I pick socks as it’s the biggest challenge.


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