Full Multi Colored Scarf

Back in October 2007, I eventually finished making a scarf comprised of Fall Harvest Multicolor and Black. It was the first project I made for myself and I still use the full set (scarf, hat and gloves) to this day.

I figured it might be time for an update though. In TLCs “Falling Leaves” I found a very similar color to Fall Harvest Multicolor and I’m now knitting up a full multicolored scarf to compliment the old one on really cold days and replace it on not so cold days.

Why am I doing it now? I’m sick and can’t focus very much on the more complicated crochet and knit work I have going on in other projects. I didn’t want to just sit around bored out of my skull doing nothing. So, I figured why not? Plus, it’s about time I treated myself again. I’ve been spending a lot of time doing work for others and ignoring my own needs. That’s not good.

Once I finish with this scarf, I may go up to JoAnns to see if I can find this color again for a nice warm hat and, maybe, some mittens.


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