Pink Hat

I’m making a pink hat to go with the pink cabled scarf for my mother. I really don’t like working with the color pink but it’s one of her favorites, so it’s getting done. She’s been pretty sick lately and I’m hoping to cheer her up a bit with the finished products.

I was going to put cables in the hat as well but decided against doing so as it would be too much to concentrate on while I’m just learning basic cables on the scarf. I’ll take a few (hopefully not grainy) photos of both in a few days, once I’ve made progress. The scarf is currently seven inches long and the hat is nothing more than a bit of k1p1 ribbing.

Still waiting (since 3 November) on that third DVD set of Knit and Crochet Today Now. If I have spare yarn left over, I’d like to focus on making a pair of matching mittens for this scarf and hat and theres a great tutorial on one of the episodes as to how to make fingerless mittens. I figure it’s only a few more stitches to a fully formed one.

That’s about it. I’m really just waiting for my stuff to arrive in the mail so I can move forward with my life.


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