Pictures of the Hat and Scarf

I’ve been doing some knitting. This is the promised series of pictures of the pink hat and cabled scarf I mentioned in previous posts on my blog. I’m using Lion Brand Pound of Love in Bubblegum Pink. Yep, that’s me, acrylic to the last if I can help it.

Why I chose to work on both at the same time is beyond me but, recently, I’ve been focusing on the hat more than the scarf. If only I could speed knit the cables the way I seem to be breezing through this hat…

I got the pattern for the scarf off of the season one section of the Knit and Crochet Today Now website. Only I’m doing mine in pink rather than the light blue they used.

So far, the cables aren’t proving too difficult. Though it did take some getting used to the repeat pattern initially. After eight repeats, I’m comfortable enough with the pattern to take my eyes off of it on the non-cable rows at least. It’s free, so I highly recommend you try it if you’ve never done cables before.

The hat is much more simple. Just a few rounds of ribbing and a basic knit in the round pattern. I sheepishly admit to falling asleep while doing this. This pattern has actually been saving me from a daily boredom as it’s something I can easily pick up and put down when necessary.

Nothing beats crafting…

As soon as I’ve finished with these, I’m working on a scarf for a friend and then the matching hat and glove sets to the Mexicana and Falling Leaves multicolored scarves I made for myself. Though, admittedly, I may have to do Mexicana over due to accidentally cutting the ends rather than weaving them in on the chain end.


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