The Mexicana Hat Times Two

Surprisingly, this didn’t take long at all. The first time, it only took five hours and the second time only took three.

I am fascinated with this yarn for some reason and have made a matching hat to go with the previously mentioned twice crocheted scarf. The best bit is that the hat is also twice crocheted. I did it up once using a double crochet stitch but I didn’t like the fit or the cold air that managed to seep in. Come to think on it, I didn’t like the look of it either.

Enter my favorite stitch: the Half Double Crochet stich. I took the hat apart, ripping it out all the way up to the crown before redoing it in thee hdc stitch. The results are quite nice in my opinion.

I especially love the swirl pattern that showed up in the body of the hat. It’s like a rainbow factory on top of my head. The added bonus to the half double crochet stitch is that its much much warmer than the previous double crochet stitch. I can tell even though I haven’t taken it out for a test drive in the chilly air yet.

There’s always later today. 🙂

Next item on the agenda: Mittens. They’re going to have to be crocheted as well because I saw a sample of this yarn knitted in mittens and I didn’t like the way it looked.


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