A Few Health Updates

Shocking, I know. Even I was beginning to think that I’d stopped caring about my health.

First, I’m changing the former category “Daily Health Updates” to “Weekly Health Updates”. My health has been pretty stable of late and I don’t feel the need to update this thing every day like I used to. Plus, it should give me a more well rounded and detailed post than if I’m focusing on one thing a day.

Second, I’m changing what were the Saturday Stats to a monthly occurrence which may be found in the left sidebar under the heading “Stats”. It seems to me that, when I focus on my weight on a weekly basis, I tend to gain more and become obsessed. I’d rather do what I’ve been doing these past few months by taking it nice and easy. I’ve actually lost more weight with this method than the other methods I’d used in the past.

As to my weight and health, I’m currently 243lbs and feeling the healthiest I’ve felt in a very long time. The edema issues are almost nonexistent lately and I’m not having as much trouble breathing as I used to.

I still haven’t started my former workout regimen back up but I have been eating (for a change) better and watching (for the most part) what I put in my body.

Now for lunch. Sauteed Ground Turkey in taco seasoning, diced tomatoes with green chiles, and Mexican cheese wrapped in tortillas. Chased by a big cup of hot lemon tea.


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