The Hair Saga – Learning to Do the Do

I’ve been hanging out on Youtube a lot lately. Especially on the Naptural85 channel. My mission is to learn as much as I can about taking care of my own hair.

Even before this economic downturn, the idea of getting my hair done professionally was unpalatable. My hair is really thick and most places won’t do it unless its permed or about to be. For the places that would do it without perming it, the cost of getting it done is usually so prohibitive as to keep me in a ponytail rather than pay nearly $100.00USD.

Up until now, I’ve been very lazy and dependent on the Maternal Parental to do my hair in the only way she knew how: Pressing. Personally, I don’t like getting my hair pressed but its proven to be a vital parent/child bonding experience. After this last time (which took twelve hours), I was told that my hair was officially too much to work with. I was offered money to go to the salon and have it pressed there.

There goes the bonding experience. Ah well.

This break decided me though. I figured I could do my own hair and not only save money but maintain a much healthier hair regimen than I had been prior to this decision. After all, a hot comb to the hair once a week can’t be healthy.

So that put me on the channels I’d subscribed to on Youtube a while ago when my intentions were honorably leaning towards maintaining my hair. One in particular, Naptural85 was filled with great hair tips and I’m looking forward to trying them.

I’ve also asked for recommendations for hair products. A good friend of mine suggested a few things and I plan on checking them out. I’ve already got the Pantene Pro-V for Women of Color shampoo and conditioner coming in the mail and will have at least a majority of the other stuff by Tuesday. With the Pantene, the availability is apparently so low that I didn’t want to take a chance that the places I intended on shopping at wouldn’t have it. The other stuff was just too expensive online. I’m going to ask my friend what brands he uses and where to find them.

I would like to know what they’re watering the coconuts with to charge $6.00USD for 3oz of coconut oil.


Tonight, I have it up in a ponytail in all its natural glory. It’s pretty cool. When I get the rest of the supplies, I’m going to put it in twists again and leave it for a while.


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