Long Time, No See…

Wow, it’s been quite a while since I’ve posted here.

Mainly, I’ve been taking advantage of my agoraphobic tendencies by crafting. I’ve finally managed to make socks and I’m loving it. I’ve also crocheted the squares for a Granny Square afghan. All I need to do for that is weave in the ends and stitch the whole thing together.

I’ve been making shawls too. I’ve got two so far, including a Pineapple shawl, with plans laid for more.

I still haven’t finished those damned scarves. The pink cable scarf is still on the needles as is the cheap sock yarn scarf. I would make a promise to do it by the New Year but…eh. I don’t feel like it.

I even crocheted a Remembrance Poppy. Yes, I finally have one of my own. I wore it on Remembrance Day and I have plans to wear it for many years to come. My next flower plans are a Labour Rose in honor of Norway and some other flowers for general practice. My next small project are Awareness Ribbons for AIDS and Breast Cancer. I have just enough pink and red yarn for that.

Right now, I have socks galore planned for my friends. I’ve finally made something they all want. My friend, Aurnia Star, is the first of many to get a set of my creations.

Oh yeah, speaking of friends. I finally mailed off the scarf and hat set to my friend in Finland. *sigh of relief*

What else?

The agoraphobia is no better, so I’m still spending a lot of time indoors. I’ve had to give up two volunteer positions owing to my inability to make it to the assignments. I was initially sad about it but it’s opened up a whole new avenue of volunteering for me. I can practice my crafting and volunteer at the same time via the Jewish Volunteer Connection’s Community Mitzvah Day Knitting and Crocheting Drive. I can work on pattern after pattern while helping out those in need and all without leaving my home.

Other than all that, I’ve finally decided to take the plunge and buy all seven series of Knitting Daily. It’s going to set me back some but I feel it’s worth it since it’s dozens of episodes featuring crafting tips and tricks. All of which will help me acquire more skill in Knitting, Crocheting and who knows what else.

There’s probably lots more I could type here but I don’t want to turn this into a saga. Later, but not too late! 🙂


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