Trying Out A Couple New Patterns

An anonymous acquaintance of mine is expecting. I can’t go into the details of who but, just to clarify, it’s not me!!!

Anyway, I promised I’d make some things for this persons child to be born. So, on the search went for patterns, patterns and still more patterns. I looked all over my usual resource but was SOL as the patterns didn’t work up as they were written out. So, on I searched.

Until, I came across two sites. One, Pickin’ and Throwin’, had the perfect knitted booties and the other, The “Make Your Own” Zone had the perfect hats. The blanket, I could figure out for myself by skimming patterns and figuring out how much I needed to chain.

Well, that’s where I currently am. I’m making a hat according to the pattern on MYOZ but it’s looking like a preemie hat. I’m going to make one slightly bigger (about 60 CO stitches) in addition to this one I have on the needles now. It’s too cute to frog. I’m also making a baby blanket that I’ve frogged once so far. The hat is in Turquoise blue, the booties will probably be in the same color. The blanket is in denim blue.


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