2012 – What A Difference A Year Makes

I’m officially making 2012 the beginning of the rest of my life. I’m going to be eliminating a lot of negative things currently pestering me, starting with myself. From now on, I’m going to focus only on what I can do rather than all the stumbling blocks in my way.

From there, other people look out because many of you will be dropped if you don’t get along with the program of positivity. Thankfully, my core group of friends are safe from eviction but there are others hanging, dare I say it, lurking about who will find themselves receiving the cold shoulder over the next few months while I realign my life.

I love a lot of people a great deal but love isn’t enough when it comes to toxic behavior. Auf Wiedersehen.


4 thoughts on “2012 – What A Difference A Year Makes

  1. I wish you luck. I too am trying to eliminate negativity from my life, in whatever way shape or form I find it. I am getting back to blogging. I was cleaning up my outgoing links and was delighted to still you here blogging. So many people have quit. I ran into a lot of dead links. So anyways good luck with cleaning your life up, and may the New year be filled with blessings for you. Your old pal, Static Brain


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