First Post of the Year

Heh, I’m not dead yet. I’ve got Scarlet Fever. Yes, really.

Since I seem to have a penchant for passing out for several hours after taking the antibiotic, I figured I’d update this blog before I did so.

So far, my year has been going well, apart from the illness, and I’ve been attaining my goals. Also, I’ve been remembering dreams lately. Whether this is due to the illness or the antibiotic, I don’t know, but it’s nice to remember what goes on in my head. Who knows? It could lead to a story or ten.

I also managed to finish the Guadalupe wrap, finally. I’m currently working on the Have a Heart shawl for the Maternal Parental. When I can manage to stay awake, that is. Pictures of both are coming, when I can manage to stay awake long enough to take and then upload them.


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