A Few Things – The Shawls and Other Stuff

Before I take my next antibiotic and pass out as a result, I figured I’d update this blog with the promised pictures. Before I do that though, I just have to post a link to this absolutely awesome blanket. It’s so getting made by me as soon as I get the yarn for it.

First the Guadalupe Wrap and I have to say, I love Doris Chan’s designs. I made this one using Lion Brand’s Pound of Love yarn in the colors Pastel Blue, Denim Blue and Turquoise. Given that I got each on sale for $5.00USD, it only cost me less than $15.00USD to make this wrap and it’s huge. It’s also snuggly warm. 🙂

Second, the Have a Heart Shawl (WIP). I’m making this one with Lion Brand’s Pound of Love yarn in Lavender. Given that I bought it directly from the site, it cost me a bit more but, at $11.00USD for the whole skein of more than 1000 yards, I feel I’m still doing good. I’m slowly accumulating scrap yarn to make another shawl I got the pattern for. Lion Brand’s Pound of love allows for a lot in the scrap yarn department.

Oh well, now it’s time to pass out again. Later all.

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